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Majority of the surgeries of the upper limb is performed in the world with the so called Ischemia.

If the ischemia is to cover the entire upper limb, the cuff for ischemia is put on the arm, if the area of the ischemia is to be less extensive, the cuff is placed on the forearm.

If the ischemia is to be performed on a finger, an elastic band is placed on the finger – here

Cuff 1 or cuff 2 an be used for ischemia – the decision which one to use is taken by an anaesthesiologist.

After cuffs have been appropriately placed, blood is “squeezed out” of the operated hand with a rubber band and then the cuff is pumped up (with a hand or automatic pump) to the required value of the pressure. The technique is safe, provided that the safe period and the applied pressure of ischemia is observed and when it is applied by qualified medical staff.

To learn more about ischemia see HERE (website in English)

All material are given by permission of Prof. James A. (Jim) McEwen

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