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The European Hand Surgery Center
Surgical treatment
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Surgical treatment

General information

Choice of a type of surgery depends on the type of suffered injury (incised wounds, lacerated wounds, avulsions, amputations) and traumas caused by the injury. Surgeries can be short – one hour or very long – a dozen hours or more, depending on the extent of the suffered injuries.

Very often, it is necessary to perform successive-planned surgeries in order to increase efficiency of the limb, e.g. release ligaments from adhesions improving motor functioning of fingers or amputate a segment which, in spite of efforts made, was destroyed by necrosis. During one operation, if it is possible, a hand surgeon sutures blood vessels, nerves, muscles, performs osteosynthesis, unites tendons, performs nerve, tendon as well as skin grafts or performs simple or complex dermatoplasty.

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