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The European Hand Surgery Center
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Legal notice

The website is for information only and not for consultative purposes. The authors have made every effort to ensure that the scope of message contained in this website is consistent with the current state of medical knowledge, therapeutic indications and clinical practice. Yet, due to the very rapid progress of science and changing legal regulations, Visitors to our website must take into account that the information contained in the website may differ from the latest medical reports related to diagnostics, basic research, adverse drug reactions, complications or undesirable events that may occur.

This also applies to special warnings and precautions. The information contained on the website cannot constitute any basis for taking any therapeutic action, but should prompt our Visitor to seek professional medical consultation.

Decisions about making a diagnosis, initiating treatment or other therapy, rehabilitation in a disease of a specific patient are made after medical consultation and performing proper tests only by physicians and/or other members of medical staff authorised to perform such activities.

The administrators, the host and any other people associated with the website are not responsible for any errors, complications or problems resulting from the use of information contained in this website.

All the texts, graphic designs and other contents (especially the logos of HUSQVARNA, 3M, DIAGNOSTYKA, LUXMED, SCHOOL STOK, KOTELNICA BIAŁCZAŃSKA, INTERMED MARTIMED SKYTOURS, DAINESE, GUIDO DANIELE) included in the website and the related websites are legally protected property of their owners and cannot be copied in any form, or reproduced to any known or unknown durable and/or electronic media without the written consent of their owners while retaining their separate legal regulations.

Copying any contents or parts thereof from the website requires a written consent of the portal administrator, under the threat of facing legal consequences.

Only the contents of the Sickness subpage are excluded from the above clause.

CONTENTS, DRAWINGS, ILLUSTRATIONS, VIDEOS of the website serve educational, non-commercial purposes. They cannot be used as basis for making diagnoses or starting treatment.

Information concerning safety, means of protecting hands and upper limbs do not guarantee full protection of hand and upper limb against injuries and do not absolve a Visitor to the website from becoming familiar with and applying other recommendations required when using different devices (user manuals) or regulations (rules of conduct in the mountains, on ski slopes, traffic regulations) and any other applicable regulations and rules of conduct applicable in the location of the Visitor to the website.

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