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The European Hand Surgery Center
Surgery/ Operation
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Surgery/ Operation

Surgery is performed in an operating theatre in compliance with the current regulations by a team of properly qualified surgeons and nurses, following after a patient has signed:

  • Informed Consent to a Surgical Operation
  • Approval for Execution of Anaesthesia

In spite of precise description of the applied operational technique, a necessity to change the type or operational technique may occur during the surgery, e.g. increasing or decreasing the extent of the surgery or changing the type of the operation depending on the state of the Patient or the condition found during the operation.

If a patient has a feeling of discomfort during the surgical operation, e.g. feels a nagging pain in the operated area or is very stressed, he or she should inform the operating team of the fact and the anaesthesiologist will give him/her an appropriate medicine to increase the comfort of the Patient’s stay in the operating theatre.

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